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Terms and conditions


Responsible loan policy

Your application is subject to verification and selection in order to ensure that the borrower has the ability to repay the loan. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Verification of your salary to suit our requirements;
  • Verification that you do not have an excessive amount of payments and that you are able to pay the loan amount. If all criterias are met, your application will be accepted.

Missed payments and credit score

This situation will not affect your credit score with us; your file will never be reported to any credit agencies either. In case of emergency to postpone payments, you must call us 24 hours in advance.

Collection practices are in accordance with the legal provisions of Canada. If you have difficulty repaying your personal loan, we will arrange an agreement with you for your new repayment plan. The borrower is responsible for all legal costs incurred in recovering the outstanding balance.



Our maximum annual interest rates are approximately 28% to 34%.



You must reapply.


The repayment terms of our loans are between 90, 120 or 180 days, depending on your comfort and abilities. But at any time if you have the amount borrowed the interest stops at the day of your payment.



If you qualify for a loan of $ 1,000 payable weekly and refundable in 12 installments , the total cost will be  $ 1,340 (maximum rate 34%).

This information is given as an example only. We will determine the costs of each file at its own discretion and these are independent of interest due to the lender.

Attention: please borrow prudently and responsibly. Our service is there, if you have no other solution available. Our interest rate is higher than that of Canadian financial institutions as for this loan should be used only when all the other options have been opted.. If you have loans with other lenders and we see your name in the system, a refusal is automatic.

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